Disability Aids

Health & Mobility are the specialists in helping people gain their independence and enjoy a greater quality of life. Daily living products are designed to assist the user perform everyday functions at times when for many reasons extra help is needed. From button/zip aids, sock aids, long handled sponges for showering, shoe horns the list goes on. There are so many products available that can assist from even the simplest task to something a bit more challenging.

Our extensive range of daily living products have been carefully chosen from quality suppliers to provide our customers with a wide choice of equipment at the right price.

- Showering and bathing aids

- Reaching aids

- Dressing aids

- Kitchen aids

- Bed pans and Urinals

- Personal grooming products

- Toileting aids

Our friendly staff are here to help, and if need be source the product you need from our supplier base, call in to our Showroom or give us a call.